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Have you ever wondered how those Hollywood celebrities in their forties and fifties still look as young as they did in their thirties? Maybe they have had cosmetic surgery or botox injections, or perhaps they use some secret, expensive product that maintains their facial contours and prevents lines and wrinkles. Or it could just be all down to clever lighting and make up.Some celebrities admit to going under the knife, and you can see the evidence on websites showing before and after pictures, often of plastic surgery gone wrong. Others strongly deny surgery, and claim their looks are all down to a healthy diet and lifestyle, or perhaps the beauty product they are currently being paid to promote.

There are so many creams and serums available which claim to reduce crows feet and fill out deep wrinkles. But how do you know which ones work? Unless you have tried the product yourself, or know a good friend who you can trust to tell you the facts, it is difficult to find a product that actually works. Some websites display before and after photos, but how do you know if they have not just been edited with an air brush to smooth out the lines and wrinkles?

Another problem is that everyone has different skin types, and a product which works well on one person, may not give the same result on your own skin. Sometimes, you are told that a skin care product takes months to work as the deeper layers of the skin are improved. The results may be quite subtle, so it will be difficult to notice any improvements in the skin over such a long period of time. It would be great if you could buy a product and notice visible results after just one treatment and then see that your skin continues to improve with continued use.

Well, now the secret is out. A face lift home treatment which offers an effective alternative to a surgical face lift has been developed by a leading Hollywood make up artist. The product gives impressive results after an 8 minute treatment, and has been given very positive feedback by well known national newspapers and magazines.

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